4 ways to reduce your carbon footprint this autumn…

October 28, 2020

September 2020 was the hottest month on record! As someone who loves the warm weather, I must really remind myself that unexpected sunny weeks should be a wakeup call. It’s easy when the pandemic is so present in our lives and minds to let the climate emergency take a back seat but now more than ever, we should be doing our bit.

A way to start is by looking up your carbon footprint. The goal is to be climate neutral by reducing our impact on the planet.

Eating seasonally

Supermarkets have made seasonal eating non-existent, as you can access any type of fresh food, any time of year. However, if we eat the food that’s in season its less likely to have been imported meaning a lower carbon footprint. It’s a win win, because its fresher and supports farms closer to home.

This time of year, it’s a pleasure to eat seasonally as harvest season is upon us. All the best vegetables are in season; broccoli, squash, pumpkins, potatoes. Some of us in the Iron and Velvet team have joined the Big Food Switch movement to encourage us to eat consciously and more sustainably.


We all know cutting down on driving time is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. This isn’t realistic for everyone especially now as its darker and colder at the commuting times so biking to work isn’t as appealing. Public transport and carpooling are also more dangerous options during the pandemic.

What we would suggest is change the way you drive. Tips you (probably) already know but might need reminding are: move up your gears quicker, brake / accelerate smoothly and driving 70 mph uses 25% less fuel than 85 mph. Saving the planet is in line with law and saving you petrol. If you have the means an electric car is the dream, our boss has just purchased one and is the envy of the office.


Offset your carbon footprint with organisations like Ecologi and Bulb. They are supporting incredible projects and initiatives. It can be overwhelming as there are lots of projects so we would recommend that you research specific ones in more depth. An interesting project to read up on is The Great Green wall. This project supports landscape restoration, reforestation and is positively affecting the lives of people living in the Sahel. It’s inspiring to see nature protecting us from climate change.

Did you know you can donate without giving away any pennies? Change your browser to Ecosia. They use their profit to plant trees. Every search request removes 1kg of energy from the environment. If you are going to shop on Amazon, use AmazonSmile. You can pick a charity that supports climate change initiatives and Jeff Bezos will donate for you.


Use our cleaning products to reduce your carbon footprint. We manufacture everything in the UK using low energy machinery. All our web orders are sent via Royal mail meaning no extra emissions on the roads.

Our boxes are as small as we can get them and they are recycled and recyclable meaning virtually no waste. Order online now to receive through your letter box in the following few days.

We’d like to remind you all that: just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of emissions. And BP the world’s 6th largest polluter coined the term ‘carbon footprint’ in the first place to shift the blame to consumers. These companies are the real issue. During this pandemic you’ll be surprised to know that despite being locked up in our homes, emissions have only dropped by 8%.

We aren’t saying this to belittle individual impact – because we can and should as individuals do the best we can to care for this planet – we are simply reminding you individual guilt is needed.