Overshoot day

Earth Overshoot Day

From today onwards we are living at the expense of other generations! 29th of July is earth overshoot day ???? which marks the day that humans have used more resources than the Earth is able to generate in a year. The first overshoot date was calculated at 19th December in 1987. By 1990 it had moved to the 7th December and in 2020 it was August 22nd.

We have 1 planet but we are using the resources of 1.7

This is not sustainable. If all humanity lived and consumed how we do in the UK, then overshoot day would be 19th may. This is especially shocking when compared with Indonesia’s personal overshoot day, 18th December.

The global pandemic/lockdown pushed 2020’s date 24 days later than 2019’s. Despite it sadly reverting back to July this year, it shows that we can #movethedate 

Find your personal ecological footprint. How many planets would be needed if everyone lived like you?