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Top tips for eco friendly entertaining

Social lives are back ! Seeing loved ones has been such a highlight of these past few sunny weekends. Welcoming people back into our homes after so long has been such a treat.

Here are some top tips for hosting / entertaining in a sustainable way:

♻️ Cook some vegan grub. Cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce your carbon footprint from food by two-thirds. Use this climate change food calculator to see how food choices impact the planet.

♻️ Prepare food using the veggies / fruits you have been trying to grow in your gardens. Wonky vegetables are cool now so embrace whatever weird and wonderful produce you manage to grow.

♻️ Wear an outfit you already have or purchase second hand. Fast fashion is doing nothing good for the planet and the people on it. Follow Venetia to join in with her #OOOTD (old outfit of the day).

♻️ Now its summer you can get away with saving electricity in these lighter evenings. When it does get dark, why not light some candles? They are a delightful addition to a dinner regardless of the eco benefits.

♻️ Let guests take home leftovers. A win for them, as they have lunch sorted the next day. A win for you, because less food wasted.

♻️ Clean up afterwards using our zero waste cleaning products. 100% plastic free.

Feel safe inviting anyone into your home with our new fragrance free multisurface cleaner. Your home can be inclusive and safe for friends with sensitives. Use the antibacterial option for the cleanest of clean homes.


Flat lay image of our Fragrance free refill sachets in a open box with our labels. Foliage as decoration.

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