Eco-friendly tips for a great nights sleep

It’s getting hot in here

Sleep is so important. Last year we read Matthew Walkers book ‘Why we sleep’ and we were shocked to learn just how much sleep impacts your health. If reading isn’t your jam, here is his TED talk.

During the UKs current heatwave it can be a struggle to nod off.

Here are our eco-friendly tips for a great nights sleep:

✔️ The one no one wants to hear…turn off your technology. I know many of us love a mindless scroll before we sleep, but staring at a screen is far too stimulating for our sleepy minds. Check out our summer reading list and swap out technology.

✔️ If a late night snack is your thing don’t worry, we aren’t going to suggest you cut it out. In fact we recommend you go nuts! Quite literally, have nuts as your snack. Nuts are a great source of melatonin which signals your body to prepare for sleep.

✔️ Bring houseplants into your bedroom. Did you know when the temperature heats up plants often release excess water into the air resulting in cooling the surrounding environment.

✔️ Wear natural materials such as cotton that are breathable. It’s a win win because clothes made from these materials are better for the planet and don’t contain micro plastics that flush into our oceans when washed.

✔️ Clean room = clean mind. Studies show that our environment not only affects how fast we fall asleep, but how soundly we sleep. Use our cleaning products to refresh and replenish your space on these muggy evenings.