Q. Who are Iron & Velvet?

We develop, produce and sell household cleaning refills. Water-soluble refill sachets that are kind on the environment but tough on dirt. Our products are an easy sustainable swap!

Q. Where is Iron & Velvet made?

We are proud to be an entirely UK-based company. The complete process from product development to sachet manufacture and finally packaging and posting takes place from our factory and office space in the West Midlands. Our dissolvable film, packaging boxes and labels are also produced locally to us.

Q. How can I contact Iron & Velvet?

You can email us at [email protected] or via our contact form here.

Q. Do you offer wholesale for retail customers?

Yes! Please email [email protected] and we will be pleased to send you our information pack for retailers.

Q. Are your products vegan?

All of our products are vegan and contain no animal derived ingredients. They are not tested on animals and we do not collaborate with businesses who do.

Q. Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Neither we nor any of our suppliers test on animals and we won’t work with anyone who requires animal testing.

Q. Are your products made with natural materials?

Yes. Our products use all sustainably sourced active ingredients, as well as pure essential oils for our fragrances wherever possible, meaning that once diluted over 99% of the product is natural ingredients. Read our blog post here to learn more.

Q. What ingredients do you use?

The ingredients in our plastic free cleaning sachets are based around naturally derived plant extracts and materials including pure essential oils for the fragrances. We also use C12-15 Alcohol Ethoxylate and Isopropyl Alcohol at less than 0.4% and Monoethanolamine at less than 0.01% in the end cleaning solution for stabilising the essential oils and ensuring a safe pH. Our antibacterial agent is Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-14 (even-numbered)-alkyldimethyl, chlorides which is only found in our antibacterial products. If you have any questions about these materials please contact us on [email protected].

Q. What is the plastic free cleaning sachet made from?

The sachets are made from a PVOH film which has been approved for use in pharmaceuticals, so you can be sure it’s a safe alternative to plastics. Once diluted it biodegrades in just a couple of weeks and leaves no microplastics.

Q. Will my package arrive in plastic packaging?

Nope. We send our products in small cardboard boxes sealed with paper packaging tape. Our paper and cardboard packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled with your other paper and card.

Q. Do I have to have labels sent with my order?

Yes. We send labels with every order due to health and safety requirements. Although we appreciate you might not want a label each time, we are unable to send cleaning products without labels. However, rest assured we have made our labels plastic free and as eco friendly as possible. They are printed with biodegradable inks on recycled paper, and can be popped in the recycling if you change from one product to another on your reusable bottle.

Q. Are your products safe for use around pets?

Once diluted, our products are non toxic and not harmful to the environment or aquatic life. However we’d always recommend checking with your vet in the case of specific household pets as we use essential oils which can sometimes be harmful to some animals.

Q. Are your products hazardous to the environment or aquatic life?

Once diluted according to the instructions our sachets are non toxic, not hazardous and not harmful to the environment or aquatic life.

Q. Why is there a hazard warning on my packaging?

The hazard warnings apply to the small sachets, not the finished cleaning product you use. We send our sachets in a small package through the postal system, meaning they are highly concentrated. This high concentration means we have to display hazard warnings. However once diluted these no longer apply. Please rest assured that once made up, your cleaning products are non toxic, not hazardous and not harmful to the environment or aquatic life. This is why you won’t see any hazard warnings on the labels for your bottles of finished product.

Q. How do the sachets work?

Just drop, fill, shake and repeat! Simply clean a bottle or jar big enough for your cleaning solution, pop in a sachet, follow the instructions and top up with lukewarm water. Then replace and tightly seal the lid, shake a little and within a couple of minutes you’ll see the sachet dissolve and the liquid inside mix with the water to make your cleaner!

Q. How long will it take for the sachets to dissolve?

Using warm water the sachets will take around 2-4 minutes to fully dissolve with a bit of shaking. Using hot water they’ll dissolve more quickly but you may find the cleaner is a little hazy, don’t worry, it will still work the same. Using cold water will take longer but again, it will work the same in the end.

Q. What containers can I use to hold my diluted cleaning solution?

Whatever you like! You can reuse a fully cleaned trigger spray bottle or perhaps use a glass or metal reusable spray bottle to hold your diluted cleaning solution. Just remember to ensure that your container holds 500ml of water (or 250ml for oven and floor cleaners) to ensure the correct dilution. Make sure to attach the included labels onto your container so you don’t muddle up what’s what.

Q. Do you sell bottles?

We never used to sell bottles. Our ethos is to encourage reuse wherever possible and keep bottles out of landfill. We encourage you to use a fully cleaned old spray bottle. Lots of our customers also use glass or metal spray bottles which are readily available online and in local zero waste or plastic free shops. However we did recently save some bottles from going to landfill which you can purchase here for a limited time.

Q. Is your product suitable for my surface?

All our cleaners are pH neutral or slightly alkaline depending on your water used to dilute and they don’t contain harsh acids or chemicals so they are suitable to use on a wide variety of surfaces. We’d always recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area first and checking with your manufacturer if you have any concerns.

Q. How should I store my sachets?

Sachets should be stored somewhere dry and cool.  Like all cleaning products, they should be stored in a high, locked cupboard away from children and pets. The sachets and the diluted solutions have a shelf life of 1 year.

Q. Do your products contain palm oil?

Our products contain only RSPO certified palm oil. The WWF explains:

Can I Trust RSPO Certified Products?
RSPO represents the largest, independent, third-party standard for the more sustainable production of palm oil. Certified palm oil protects the environment and the local communities who depend on it for their livelihoods, so that palm oil can continue to play a key role in food security. Along with other organisations, we play an active role in influencing and shaping the RSPO standard to make sure it puts in place more safeguards for people and the planet. In November 2018 the RSPO standard was strengthened and it now represents an essential tool that can help companies achieve their commitments to palm oil that is free of deforestation, expansion on peat, exploitation and the use of fire.


At the same time, we’re always on the look out for alternative ingredients which would be suitable for use in our sachets.

Q. Where can I find MSDSs for the Iron & Velvet range?

Full Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are available upon request within working hours from [email protected].

Q. Are my card details safe?

Absolutely, we process all transactions using Stripe through secure servers so your card details will stay confidential. We do not have access to your details. 

Q. I’ve placed an order but wish to change it, is that possible?

Our aim is to dispatch your order as quickly as we can, usually the next working day, so it may or may not be possible for you to change an order after placing it. Try emailing [email protected] and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Q. How much will delivery cost?

We offer free shipping when you spend £10. If you spend less our postage and packaging is charged at a flat rate of £2.50. We aim to dispatch orders the next working day and send all orders 2nd class Royal Mail, so you should receive your order within 3-4 working days.

Q. Can I cancel my order for a refund?

Certainly, if you find you’ve ordered by accident or no longer need the product please inform us within 14 days of placing the order by email on [email protected] and we’ll arrange for a return. Please note that if the product is used we will not be able to approve a refund.

Q. My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Firstly, we’re sorry you’ve had a problem with your delivery. Please send us a photo of the issue to [email protected] and we’ll advise what to do and arrange a replacement.

Q. I’d like to receive Iron and Velvet sachets regularly. How does your subscription service work?

It’s simple; you choose what you want in your first delivery, decide if you need a box delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months and create your subscription. You can change which products you want from 1 month to the next within your account settings or just leave it to repeat the first order. You can manage your subscription from your account.

You can of course cancel any subscription at any time by filling in this form.