Greenwashing 101…they aren’t FUELing us

Lets talk about greenwashing…

Greenwashing : ‘behaviours or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is’.’

As climate change awareness in the general public grows companies want their brand to be viewed as climate conscious. One reason is simply companies need a social license to exist. The better the public perception, the higher the profit.

Up to 4 in 10 environmental claims online could be misleading shoppers. Oil and gas companies have been greenwashing the general public for years now. Shell’s Instagram bio is ‘Powering progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions‘ whilst still only investing 1.3% of it’s budget into renewable energies. If 99% of a business is having a negative effect on our planet but they only talk about the 1% of good they are doing, this is greenwashing.

How to spot brands that are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon…

– You can’t separate scale from impact. Mass production is always going to have a more negative impact on the planet. Shop small, local and family businesses where possible.
– Social impacts – make sure the companies you are buying from are paying their workers a fair living wage.
– Make sure brands aren’t just talking the talk but are also walking the walk. Ignore performative statements and look for evidence eg. certifications.

Resources to learn more…

Drilled – a podcast about climate change

Guide against greenwashing, Ted talk

The Yikes Podcast, episode 31

The true cost documentary

At Iron & Velvet we strive to be as sustainable as possible. We are not perfect, we know there is always room for improvement but we are trying our best because the very last thing we ever want to do is greenwash you. Check out our story and FAQs to learn more about us and our eco-friendly journey.

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