Top tips for a less wasteful Christmas – It’s for a good clause

Tis very much the season, in fact, there’s just a few more sleeps. Read on for 3 top tips on how to have a less wasteful Christmas…

Don’t be Trashy Tips…

1. That’s a wrap

Gift the planet this year by remembering to recycle. In the UK the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper will be binned over Christmas. The golden rule is; scrunch the wrapping paper and if it stays in a ball it can be recycled. If it unscrunches itself, the wrapping paper contains plastic.

2. It would be Rudolph not to

The equivalent of 54 million platefuls of food are wasted from Christmas day alone. Meal planning not only avoids waste but saves pennies. Plus, a boxing day buffet of leftovers is almost as good as the Christmas roast.

It’s all gravy! For extra sustainable points, swap out the turkey for a veggie option. It’s estimated that 3,000 tonnes of turkey packaging will be wasted, where the plastic alone is equivalent to the weight of 30 blue whales!

3. It’s for a good clause

Clean up using our plastic-free cleaning products. Reduce the plastic in your bins by reusing old spray bottles with our water-soluble sachets.

This Christmas it’s extra important to stay safe and clean. Protect your family members by cleaning extra diligently. Our Antibacterial spray is just £2, use for a powerful clean!