Lockdown Take Two

November 5, 2020


Heading back into the UKs second lockdown may seem daunting and uncertain. We hope you are looking after yourselves and staying safe.

On Monday we held a team meeting where we discussed how we were going to navigate this month. The decision we arrived at was to keep going. Our factory has all the restrictions in place from the first lockdown and we are much more prepared than last time. Because of this we are proud to say we will be able to stay open to support you and your cleaning habits throughout this month. We got through the last one, we can get through a second !!

No expectations

No one could have predicted what has happened so far this year so let’s make peace with however and whatever we spend this second lockdown doing. There is no pressure to spend this time learning a new language, creating Michelin star worthy meals and productivity 25/8. There isn’t a ‘right’ way to be spending your time.

Check In

As the mornings and evenings are darker this lockdown will be tougher. Remember to check in with your loved ones, keep in contact and remind each other this won’t last forever. For those struggling Shout is the UKs first free 24/7 text service. If you need immediate help text : 85258.

Love your environment

We are in a pandemic, cleaning is essential. Not just our hands but our homes as well. Our Antibacterial household cleaners contain an agent that is proven to kill germs.

Not only does a clean home keep us safe right now, but its also good for your soul. If we are spending more time at home, we may as well make our environment a pleasant one to be in.