Stockists Spotlight

August 6th, 2020

Our favourite thing at Iron and Velvet is to get to know lots of likeminded businesses. It’s great to see independent businesses making sustainability and plastic free living the number one priority. We want to showcase a handful of these brands every few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts like these. As Plastic Free July and Independent Retailer Month have drawn to an end we hope you can join us by continuing to put your pennies into brands, like these, that deserve it.


EcoVibe was started in Leeds by a group of friends with a passion for sustainable living. The business has boomed, they now stock a huge variety of products to make every aspect of eco-friendly living more achievable. We are proud to announce that we have recently collaborated with them…check it out on their website now.

Seed 1

If you live near Marlow this is a must visit. Not only is this company the first zero waste store in Marlow it also donates all its profits to supporting the homeless. By supporting this business, you are putting your money directly where the community needs it most. This world needs more people like the Seed1 team.

Plastic Freedom

Plastic Freedom not only have a wide range of amazing products and the funkiest plastic free packaging they also plant a tree for every order placed on their website. What’s not to love ?

Appletree & Avalon

This independent was the first eco-friendly brand to exclusively stock 100% UK made products. Knowing where the products come from, where our money is going and who it is supporting is a rare commodity. Thank you Appletree and Avalon.

Leo's Box

Leo’s Box is an eco-friendly subscription box which delivers eco-friendly home or beauty products through your door. The best part of this business is that the CEO is a 16-year-old. We love to see the younger generations caring so intently about the planet.

Peace With The Wild

A small family run business from Lincolnshire. They stock over a hundred brilliant brands. Our favourite part of their website is the huge selection of natural homemade soaps – which all arrive with plastic free packaging of course!

We are proud to say that the companies listed above all stock our products. The team at Iron and Velvet are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands. Which brands have been your favourite this plastic free July?

Disclaimer : Having time, money and living in locations with access to independent businesses all come from a huge position of privilege. We know these options aren’t available to everyone and we would only encourage people to do the best they can.

This quote from Anne Marie sums up our thoughts :

Check out our 100% plastic free and hassle free cleaning products here.

Made In The Midlands

June 17th, 2020

That’s right, we have a blog now ! This will be an extension of our social media pages and will contain all the latest news and insider information. Our aim is for you to get to know us and brand better. Starting with a short bit about us…

We’ve come a long way.

Our company history goes back 30 years making cleaners for industrial purposes in the heart of the UK, the midlands. Years of experiments and research ended up with our latest venture:

The water-soluble sachet.

We combined our personal interests in living eco-friendly, with our years of chemical experience to create Iron & Velvet cleaning products. So they aren’t only good for the environment but can really clean. This in fact is where our name comes from; Iron is a nod to our industrial roots. While velvet represents the new and exciting plastic free journey we are on.

After being manufactured, picked and packed at our factory we send our cleaning products out through the post ready to be pushed through your letterbox.

Once you have our sachets in your house the instructions are simple :

Your cleaning routine can now be 100% plastic free and hassle free. Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog post. Feel free to share it on your socials and leave a comment below letting us know what you’d like us to address on here in the future.

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