🎁 Opt-out of overconsumption gift guide 🎁

2019 online shopping created 5 billion tonnes of landfill waste, during the festive season 25% more waste than normal was produced.

#nothingnewnovemeber can be overwhelming when you are also thinking about what presents to get your family this year. Read on for our gift guide that requires you to buy nothing new…

🎁 A ticket – to a concert, movie, art exhibition etc

🎁 A class – cooking, workout, pottery, taekwondo etc

🎁 A trip away – To a new city or their favourite place all organised and paid by yours truly

🎁 A spa day – Treat your friend to a massage, facial, spa day, afternoon tea or all of the above

🎁 Food – Buy a gift voucher for their restaurant or a selection of yummy seasonal treats for them to enjoy over the festive season

🎁 Sustainable Swap – Gift a sustainable version of something you know they will be using anyway eg. cleaning products. Our festive spiced berry surface cleaner is out now. Who doesn’t want every surface to sparkle & shine this season?