WFH Essentials

The environment surrounding us massively effects our mental health. What we see, hear, breathe, and smell directly effects our mood. If our environment is a positive space we are more likely to be less stressed. After working from our homes for over a year we have finessed the best set up…

Tasty sustainable coffee

✍️ Funky notepad  FSC certified paper always. Write on paper that has come from forests with highest social and environmental standards.

???? Good for the planet energy.By going green, the average Bulb member lowers their carbon impact by 3.2 tonnes of CO2 a year. That’s around 1,590 trees.

???? Yummy vegan snacks – Shifting to a plant based diet would reduce agricultural emissions by up to 73%.

???? Eco friendly plastic free cleaning refills – Clean home, clean earth, clean conscience

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