Iron & Velvet has a range of household products to keep your house clean and shining, whilst containing no chemical nasties.

Cleaning products can often contain harsh chemicals to help eliminate dirt, stains and more. However, we have created a solution full of natural ingredients and fragrances to make our sachets not only plastic free and zero waste but gentle on you and the environment too!

You can choose one of our starter packs to try for yourself or build your box to order any of the products you need.


Drop the sachet into your empty bottles of choice

Fill up with lukewarm water (your instruction leaflet will tell you how much)

Fill up with lukewarm water (your instruction leaflet will tell you how much)

Customer Review

I’ve been impressed with the glass cleaner as most products can be disappointing and leave streaks or need vigorous buffing but the apple and mint one goes on so easy and leaves windows and mirrors squeaky clean! And to top it all you get to feel good about doing your bit for the planet. Don’t think I’ll ever buy anything else.
I’ve just mopped my kitchen & bathroom floors with the Iron & Velvet floor cleaner. This smells amazing! It was really easy to prepare (I’ve used a previous washing up liquid bottle, fully rinsed out of course) and then mix with some warm water in a bucket. I’ll definitely order the floor cleaner again and recommend it for sure if you like exotic fragrances. ❤
Photo by : AO

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