Recycling 101

September 17, 2020


The reminder you (probably) don’t need on why we should recycle…

Landfill rubbish when decomposing produces methane, which has a 21 times global warming potential than carbon dioxide. If that wasn’t bad enough when it rains the water that runs off the rubbish is then polluted. The toxic compounds can kill aquatic life when said water reaches streams. People who live near landfills can have higher risks of birth defects, cancer etc…we are pretty much living the nightmare that Erin Brockovich the film depicts.

We desperately need systematic change to tackle these issues, household waste is only 12% of all landfill so as individuals we really aren’t the problem. Seeing as that 12% is all that most of us can control we of course should recycle whenever we can. But with no guilt if we don’t always have time / get it correct. It’s a privilege to have the time and brain space to worry about recycling.

Frustratingly, recycling is not always straight forward. Different counties have different types of recycling they accept. Just because a product has a recycle logo on it doesn’t always mean it can be recycled in your area. Find out what your local authority recycles using this website. We were surprised to see the variety of different recycling practises just from the different postcodes in our office. Some colleagues needing to split up all their recycling into paper / metal / plastic and others found out they can recycle plastic carrier bags! To find out if your area recycles cartons use this Tetra Pak website

Recycling Symbols

Widely Recycled / Not Yet Recycled

75% of councils recycle this / 20% of local councils will recycle this.

Mobius Loop

Indicates the item can be recycled. If this symbol contains a percentage this means that not only is the item recyclable, but it has been made from a recycled material.



The best kind of products are compostable.

The Green Dot

This symbol signifies the company / brand financially contributed toward recycling in Europe. Confusingly it has nothing to do with whether the product it is printed on can be recycled.

Electrical Waste

To save nasty chemcials from getting out into our oceans.

Recycle In Store

Morrisons started a ‘Recycle me in store’ logo where once finished with you can bring back food packaging bags / wraps such as the plastic inside cereal and wrapping bread. These often cannot be recycled in household waste bins.

Forest Stewardship Council
Paper based products from sustainable and well managed forests. We are proud to announce that in 2020 we changed all our packaging to FSC certified material.


This symbol appears on glass objects as reminders to use a bottle bank / recycling as opposed to landfill.

Top tip about tips : Often tips are seen as the last stop and any recycling happens before you get there. However some tips have great recycling facilities. Such as collecting fabric to be recycled into the stuffing that goes inside cushions and sofas. This way old sheets, clothing and clothes can be reused. They also collect old shoes to recycle and be made into AstroTurf and tennis courts.

After all that we would encourage you to recycle less. Unlike metal and glass which can be recycled forever plastic loses its quality after 2/3 times of being recycled. Reusing is the way forward.

Our 100% plastic free refill cleaning products make reusing an easy and accessible option.

We are by no means experts and are always still keen to learn and keep doing better. Let us know how you find recycling in your area / county ?