Oxfam started Second hand September to highlight how damaging the fashion industry is for the planet and people on it. It’s estimated that the fashion industry creates 92 million tonnes of waste every year.

Wearing slow fashion can be fun because it’s unique clothing and much cheaper ✅ 

Tips for #secondhandseptember…

Mend and fix old clothes

If being practical in this way isn’t your cup of tea, not to worry, hit up your local tailor. And if you live in London there’s an app called Sojo which picks up your clothing item, mends it and delivers it back to you.

Re-wear Outfits

Normalise wearing the same clothes over and over again. Realistically we know this can be daunting so we’d recommend if you are feeling shy to mix up your accessories. Get inspired to celebrate what you already own by searching the hashtag #OOOTD. This stands for Old Outfit Of The Day and see other people re-wearing old clothes.

Swap clothes with friends/family

Swapping clothes was fun even before we knew it was sustainable. There are a few Facebook groups that allow you to do this with people you don’t even know eg. Swap Family.

Shop second hand

Not only is the traditional charity shop an option but there are so many online options: Depop, Vinted and Ebay are great apps for selling and buying second hand clothes. Vinted is our favourite as there are no selling fees. And remember when searching on these apps make sure to set the price, size and product type to what you want so the searches bring up only viable options.

Fur Fact : This week was the Met Gala, which is often called the fashion event of the year. Billie Eilish wore an Oscar de la Renta dress on one condition, that the brand went fur-free and THEY DID 👏 ! It’s great to see that she is using her platform to make a positive impact, for animals and our planet.

It’s not just clothes we are buying in excess. Give your cleaning bottles a second life by using our water soluble refills.