Summer reading list

June 30, 2021

Our recommendations for your climate conscious and informed summer book list #hotbooksummer :

Firstly, where else to start than with our national treasure, David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet. We really recommend the audio book for this as it’s narrated by the man himself, and we are certain he has the most soothing voice on our planet ?

All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis is a collection of essays and poems. This is on our reading list for the summer.

Raynor Winn’s books. Whilst climate change is not directly addressed, her descriptions of the natural world remind us of the beauty we are trying to save.

Of course Greta Thunberg’s No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference had to make this list. This one is a great place to start as it’s less than 100 pages.

For your kiddies : Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet by Kate Pankhurst

If you didn’t read Dr. Seuss’ Lorax as a child, now is the time. Although it was published in 1998 the message is just as accessible and more prevalent than ever.

If reading books isn’t your jam, check out our other blog posts for short and snappy content…