Veganuary Top Tips

Below are some top tips for people starting out on their veganuary journey:

Find your motivation

As with any lifestyle change you need a solid motivation to keep you going. There are many great reasons why you might swap more plant-based food into your diet; for a greener planet, better health, animal cruelty. Find a reason that inspires you. We would recommend watching Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy, The Game Changers, What the Health, and Earthling Ed’s you tube debates.

Keep veganuary simple

You don’t have to completely change the way you eat. If you normally eat frozen pizza for dinner just swap to a vegan frozen pizza. You don’t suddenly have to become a whizz in the kitchen and use ingredients you have never heard of before.

Be kind to yourself

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll make mistakes, but that is OKAY! Don’t be hard on yourself it can be an overwhelming change. Our biggest tip is to get used to reading labels. Allergens are listed in bold so watch out for milk and eggs. May contain means the product was produced in a factory with non-vegan ingredients which isn’t great for allergies but fine for vegans!

It’s not just about food

Check your cosmetics and cleaning products. You’ll be surprised how many aren’t vegan and cruelty-free. Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Make an easy and simple swap today – delivered straight through your door.