June 24, 2021

We are the earth’s number one fan

Leaving as little impact on this earth as possible is our main priority and we want to make this an EASY and ACCESSIBLE aim for you to have as well. Here are just some of the ways we strive to make our corner of the planet a happy and sustainable place for all your household cleaning needs.

Any initiative to lower plastic use is great and we champion any company who is making moves for a better planet.

However we are very aware that in the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle triangle, recycling should always be the last option not the first ♻️. Reducing plastic waste is the best way to have a low impact on our planet. With our products you can reuse existing spray bottles you already have in your home instead of recycling after one use.

Following on from the point above our packaging is 100% plastic free and zero waste. This means you have no plastic to recycle and nothing to send back to us to recycle either. So not only better for the planet but less work for you to do.

Making conscious decisions can be easy. Carrying your spray bottles or refill containers full of liquid home from the shop is heavy and bulky. To make this sustainable swap as convenient as possible you can order our products straight to your door. And to make it even easier again our packaging is small enough for them to fit through your letterbox…no waiting in for a delivery needed.

It can be hard to see which brands are greenwashing you and which brands are genuinely doing their best. One way to tell is through certifications. We are made in Britain certified. Meaning we manufacture and pack all our products here in Britain. Great for our carbon footprint and yours.

We believe loving the planet means doing our best for the animals who share the world with us. All our products are vegan and cruelty free. None of our ingredients are tested on animals.