Wrapping Up 2020

January 6, 2021

Despite 2020 being a challenging year for independent businesses, we have lots to be thankful for as it was our biggest year yet. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who cleaned alongside us, kept safe with our antibacterial sprays and contributed to bettering the planet by saving one plastic bottle at a time.

Lots of you have been staying safe with our Antibacterial cleaners. Our most loved and sold product this year was our Kitchen Antibacterial surface cleaner. Fragranced with a fresh coconut and lime this cleaner is perfect for kitchen surfaces by not only removing stains but keeping us all safe and killing germs.

Our Antibacterial Bathroom cleaner is scented with Ylang ylang fragrance. This is our most reviewed and highly praised fragrance this year. As we have been trapped in our houses this exotic scent has been for us, an escapism to the holidays we have not been allowed to have.

Spring Fair 2020 was a highlight for our team and our favourite (and only) event of the year. We loved getting out of the office and meeting you all. Our team is looking forward to the world opening up again so we can do more events like this.

This idea was loved by our team. Customer says… ‘New antibacterial spray today! I put a black dot on the bottle for every time I re-use it. 14 dots, 14 bottles saved from landfill‘. We love seeing your photos and hearing your reviews.

Being part of the plastic free and eco-friendly communities means we get to work with and alongside many great brands. This year we have lots more new stockists and are so grateful for each and everyone. Our most exciting collaboration was with one of our longest stockists Eco Vibe. They now stock our products in their branding !