Limescale Remover

(Fragrance Free)

£2.00 available on subscription

Get rid of those pesky chalky marks using our limescale remover. Formulated to make any and every surface shiny, from shower screens to kettles. Say goodbye to scaly build ups all over your house with a quick and easy clean.

As with all our products this cleaner gives a powerful but sustainable clean, leaving your surfaces mark free. Unlike industry standard limescale removers our cleaner isn’t potent and gives a good clean without the harsh chemicals and toxic smell. Ideal for those with sensitivities and allergies as it’s fragrance free.

Just drop the plastic free sachet into your reusable spray bottle, fill with 500ml warm water and shake.

How to use: Spray all over your taps, sinks or wherever you have limescale, leave for a few minutes and wipe down. For a big limescale build up you may want to leave it longer.

Price is for 1 sachet

 One bottle; zero waste

This classification only applies to the concentrated liquid in the sachet, the product is not classified as hazardous when diluted according to the instructions.
Ingredients: > 30% Non-ionic Surfactant, 5 > < 15% Aliphatic Hydrocarbon.
Danger: Contains: Lactic Acid.  Wear protective gloves / eye protection. Wash thoroughly after handling. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do – continue rinsing. Immediately call a doctor. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water. If skin irritation occurs: Get medical advice. Take off contaminated clothing.

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Single sachet – £2.00