How it Works

The best refillable cleaning products in the UK

At Iron & Velvet, we wanted to create refillable cleaning products in the UK that help save waste and the production of single-use plastic. 

Helping to make a difference by making essential household items plastic free, is taking more steps on the journey to a zero waste society. 

This is why we have created soluble sachets, where you simply just add water. 

But how do these refillable cleaning products work? 

The sachet solutions are all based around natural ingredients, so when diluted they are over 99% natural. They are free from the normal harsh chemicals and nasties and we have created some fresh and fabulous fragrances for your cleaning products. 

Order your sachet from us and drop it into your reusable spray bottle. Ensure you label the bottle so everyone knows exactly what it is!

1. DROP your sachet into your labelled reusable bottle

2. FILL your bottle with lukewarm tap water (your instruction leaflet will tell you how much)

3. SHAKE it up and watch the sachet dissolve to create your cleaning product

4. REPEAT over and over again. Keep the same bottle and just add a new sachet each time. Subscribe to ensure you never run out. One bottle; zero waste

Sign up and subscribe and never run out of your refillable cleaning products again.