Easy and cheap ways to keep energy bills low: ECO EDITION

Hands up if you are worried about energy bills rising? Here are our EASY and CHEAP top tips to keep your energy bills down, and as always they are eco-friendly. Doing good for the planet and your wallet.

  1. Make the most of thermostats. Most of us aren’t using all the corners of our homes at once. Investing in more than one thermostat means you can heat just the spaces you are actually using, instead of your whole house.
  2. Fit a Combismart valve. If you own a combi boiler this is a must. It slows down the water flow whilst waiting for it to heat to the correct temperature. Less water = less waste and smaller bills.
  3. Don’t let the heat you have paid for escape. Stock up over summer for the heat escaping accessories you’ll want in autumn. Fleece lining for your curtains and draft excluders. None of which have to be ugly as there are some homely options out there, we’d recommend checking out Etsy.
  4. Lastly add thermostatic radiator valves. These can be fitted on your most used radiators, and set to turn off when the room reaches the required temperature. This makes it easy to control how you are heating your home. The best part? The nifty little valve can be picked up for less than a tenner!

When times get tough it can be hard to prioritise eco-friendly decisions. Check out our blog and sign up to our newsletter for lots more eco friendly top tips which won’t break the bank.