Synthetic vs Natural

At Iron & Velvet we formulate our products using the very best ingredients to ensure our cleaning products, clean well. We use sustainably sourced ingredients and once diluted over 99% of our product contains natural ingredients.

In the eco-friendly world the word ‘chemical’ is often used in a negative way. We want to debunk any fears you may have over synthetic ingredients.

Everything in our world is made with chemicals, even things that have had no human intervention such as a strawberry. Legally, ingredients lists need to display the chemical compounds. When this is written out for a strawberry it appears like a scary ingredient list we might avoid. But we all know a strawberry is totally safe and completely natural.

Natural Ingredients:

These ingredients have had no human intervention and exist in nature already.

Naturally Derived Ingredients:

Ingredients created from products that are naturally occurring in nature either through mixing products together or simple chemical reactions.

Synthetic Ingredients:

Ingredients made in a lab setting, often replicating and improving natural alternatives.

Point to note: There are no strict regulations on what’s allowed to be labelled a ‘natural’ product. So a product could contain a just small percentage of natural ingredients and be allowed to label it as so.

Not all natural ingredients are the most sustainable because of how much needs to be harvested and where from. Not all synthetic ingredients are toxic and often they can be safer and more stable to use.

To create the best, safest and most sustainable products for you we use a blend of natural, naturally derived and synthetic ingredients. Combining science and nature, our products are innovative, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan and most importantly clean well.