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Eco Cleaning in the UK – our list of plastic free products

At Iron & Velvet, all our products are mixed with natural sustainably sourced ingredients, and the packaging is all plastic free – meaning total eco cleaning. Our products come in starter packs, individually or in subscription boxes. 

Why not build a box with any five sachets to cover all your cleaning needs, from shower and bathroom detergents, oven cleaners and kitchen multi-surface products. 

Boxes of five sachets are delivered free of charge, individual sachets and refills are also available from just £2.00 each with a delivery charge of £2.50. 

By subscribing, you can be sure that you never run out again, as your refills will be sent directly to your door. 

Please take a look at our eco cleaning products, made in the UK below and choose the best ones for you and your household. 

Build your Box of any 5 sachets for FREE DELIVERY

Single sachet – from £2.00