Becoming (more) vegan…

Did you want to do Veganuary but have already failed? Did you not even attempt it because it seemed too overwhelming? Does the plant based diet just not work for you? Read on for 5 tips on becoming more vegan for those who don’t think it’s quite achievable for them. Here’s to keeping the Veganuary spirit going for the rest of the month + into the rest of the year.

5 tips for becoming (more) vegan this Veganuary…

1. Once a day vegan

Instead of switching the whole of your diet you could just switch out one meal. Perhaps you could be a lunch time vegan and switch out your meal deal to the plant based version. Or a snack vegan, eat the meals you do normally would but switch out your 3pm snack to a scrummy vegan alternative.

2. Out of the house Vegan

Being an out of the house vegan is easier in Veganuary than any other month. The rules are, order the vegan option on the menu instead of your regular beefy burger. Our favourite restaurants this Veganuary are: Leon, Wagamama, Pret, Zizzi and Bill’s.

3. Saucy Vegan

This isn’t as raucous as it sounds, we are still a family friendly brand promise. If changing the bulk of what you eat is too intimating just swap out your condiments and sauces. Need a mayo restock? Try a plant based version. Got a pesto pasta craving? Choose the vegan pesto (in Morrisons it’s cheaper than the pesto that contain dairy). Having a roast? Try vegan gravy instead (Top tip: Bisto gravy granules are accidentally vegan).

4. Bad Vegan

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be a perfect vegan. If you accidentally slip up don’t worry – you can just be a bad vegan. Cutting some meat and dairy is better than cutting out none. Every small swap is a good step and reduces overall consumption.

5. Clean Vegan

You can’t see yourself being able to give up on cheese yet? Then become a cleaning vegan. Switch your cleaning products to our cruelty free and vegan ones.