Gushing over Gourds: Eco-Friendly Halloween

Spooky season is in full swing. We know it can be tough to find ways to get into the Halloween spirit without being wasteful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of super fun and spooky, sustainable activities. We’re all about celebrating this Halloween in a waste-free way, and we think you’ll love the tricks we have up our sleeve. So keep reading to get inspired and discover how to have a spooky, yet eco-friendly Halloween this year. Let’s make this Halloween one to remember, without leaving a scary impact on the environment.

Gushing over Gourds

Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween activity and decoration. In our opinion you have failed at October if you haven’t picked up a pumpkin yet. Here are 5 different activities you can do involving pumpkins this Hallow weekend:

  1. Go pumpkin picking

    Find a local farm and get some cute pictures frolicking in a field with pumpkins. Not only is this more exciting than the supermarket but you are supporting local farmers woo!

  2. Get carving

    We believe you can’t go into November without scooping out the pulpy insides of a pumpkin in October. Carving pumpkins is fun and cheap way to spend a rainy October Saturday evening. However if carving isn’t your thing many people are painting and decorating their pumpkins instead of carving. Click here and here for pumpkin painting inspiration.

  3. Haunted Houses

    If you are feeling extra festive and want to decorate your house for Halloween, pumpkins are a great way to do that. Unlike plastic skeletons, pumpkins are completely compostable and the perfect zero waste decoration. Did you know that the fake spiderweb you see draped over bushes and front doors is deadly to birds. This seemingly wispy spiderweb is strong enough to snare an owl and is deadly to small birds, butterflies and bees.

  4. Bewitching Baking

    Get into the October spirit by baking and cooking with your pumpkin leftovers. 15.8 million pumpkins will go to waste this Halloween, that’s enough for 95 million meals! Don’t contribute to food waste and get creative with your pumpkins! Click here for spooky, harry potter inspired recipes that are fun and will help you waste less pumpkin.

  5. Pick of the Patch

    Clean up after your carving, baking and painting with our Pumpkin Pie surface cleaner. Cleaning up doesn’t need to be the end of all things pumpkins, keep the season going by filling your home with our sweet yet spicy surface cleaner. As always it’s plastic free and planet friendly so you can have an eco-friendly Halloween.