Green is the new pink

What’s your love language? If you haven’t taken the test yet, get on it.

However you express love this valentine’s there are ways you can minimise your impact…

Words of Affirmation

When writing out your sweet nothings, swap to an e-card or recycled paper. Over 25 million cards are sent for Valentine’s Day each year. Consider swapping to an e-card, recycled card or for extra love day points, make one yourself.


Most flowers are shipped from overseas, meaning along with the lush smell and pretty petals comes a large carbon footprint. Swap out your usual bouquet for dried flowers, they are just as pretty but last foreverrr.

Quality Time

Experiences > clutter. If you go out for some quality time over a candle lit dinner, consider eating more plant based. Who says broccoli can’t be romantic? If everyone in the UK swapped just one red meat meal to plant-based per week, it would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million tonnes. That’s pretty LOVEly.

Physical Touch

Don’t worry we aren’t going to give you tips for taking your clothes off. But we do have tips for what clothes you put on. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, choose an eco-friendly option this valentine’s. High budget option: If you are going all out this valentines hire a look for the evening from Hurr. Lower budget option: Purchase second-hand. Depop, Ebay and Vinted are full of gems. No budget option: Re-wear an old but special fit.

Acts of Service

What screams I love you more than giving your time to do the less fun jobs? Fill your house with beautiful natural essential oil fragrances by cleaning with our plastic free cleaning products. The fragrance lingers so there’s no need to spend the pennies on that rather expensive reed diffuser. It’s a win win.