New Year, Less Plastic

Here are some kind new years resolutions for you, others and the planet.

  1. 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK. This needs to change and you can help. Recycle your old spray bottles by using our water soluble cleaning products. Switch to a plastic free cleaning routine and never throw a plastic bottle away again! Plastic free living can often seem like a big change to make. We designed our products to be accessible and easy to use with a reasonable pricing and delivery directly to your door. We want the swap to plastic free cleaning to be EASY!

2. Implement more plant based food into your diet. Did you know 20 meat and dairy farms emit more greenhouse gas than the whole of Britain? Don’t be part of that number and reduce your meat and dairy intake now. Keep your eyes peeled for our veganuary content on our socials and this blog.!

3. Remember to take time for yourself. Step outside hustle culture and remember to rest. Taking a moment to pause and look after yourself can be radical, January doesn’t always have be filled with list making and productivity if that is not what you need.

4. Cut down on fast fashion. Up to 40% of returned online orders go directly to landfill or are incinerated – because its cheaper than re-selling them. This over production of clothing is harming not only the planet but people on it. A large amount of our textile waste in the global north ends up in Kantamanto market, Accra, Ghana. Whilst they do everything they can to upcycle and use the textile waste 15 million items enter the market each week as supply vastly outweighs the demand. A way to combat this is for us in the global north to purchase less new clothing. Pre-loved clothing is in abundance in the UK. Check out apps such as Depop, Vinted and Ebay.

5. Recycle wisely. Co-op have introduced bins where you can recycle soft plastic, which can’t go into your household recycling bins. This includes vegetable wrap, crisp packets and bread bags. The Body Shop are running a return, recycle, repeat scheme which offers bins in every store nationwide for empty cosmetic packaging. They are accepting any brands not just their own and packaging that can’t usually be recycled in your household recycling bin such as mascara wands, lip gloss and pumps.

Let us know on our socials if you are planning on making any of these kind new year resolutions.