5 benefits for gardening

We think there is no better feeling than pottering around outside in your garden. It turns out we are correct, from being a workout, to good for your brain and good for the planet, read on for 5 benefits for getting out in your garden this summer…

Physical Health

Exercise, digging, raking and weeding gets your muscles moving and that in turn releases those oh so sweet endorphins. Basically it’s a really good workout. Just 30 minutes of gardening results in burning the same amount of calories as playing badminton, volleyball or practising yoga. Plus being outside in the sunshine ups your vitamin D intake and lowers blood pressure.

Mental Health

Spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature can positively impact our mental health. With many of us spending hours indoors and doing our 9-5 on screens it’s more important than ever to make time to spend outdoors. Whilst going on great adventures to places of natural beauty isn’t a regular option for everyone gardening in your space can be a great place to start. Whether you have a garden, patio, balcony or even just a window sill, flexing your green fingers is always an option.

Zero Waste

Whilst some supermarkets are really cutting down on using plastic packaging for fruit and veggies it’s near impossible to do your weekly shop without some form of packaging. Even just growing one plant will cut down on the amount of single use plastic you are using…every little helps. Plus majority of seed packaging is paper and can be recycled easily.

Healthy Eating

This one is rather obvious but growing your own, herbs, veggies and fruits can help improve your diet. Everyone knows eating your five a day is a healthy choice that can even increase your life span. Growing your own food also means you can eat pesticide free without needing to pay for more expensive organic vegetables. Top tip: Gardening is a fun way to encourage your children to eat more fruits and veggies. Being invested in the vegetable from seed to plate can mean they will appreciate and enjoy the veg more.

Good for Wildlife

As our country sides are getting smaller and we are feeling the effects of climate change your garden can be a safe space for wildlife. From flowers for pollen, hedges for shelter and trees for nesting places your home can become small animals and birds homes as well. Birds, bees and bugs are essential to our eco system!

Top tips for starting out:

  • The easiest plants to start with are herbs, leafy greens and tomatoes.
  • This may seem obvious but plant in the sunshine, it gives plants the energy they need. If possible your plant should be getting a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.
  • Pots and planters can be expensive – sourcing them second hand from Facebook market or gumtree is cheaper and more sustainable as you aren’t buying new!
  • Check out your ‘Hardiness’ zone to find out which plants are best for growing in the temperature and climate you live in.
  • Do not be embarrassed about starting your gardening journey with seedlings not seeds. Seeds can be tricky and to ensure a fruitful harvest starting with seedlings is easier.

So, we hope you find time this summer to get outside, move your body, sooth your mind and enjoy watching your garden grow. We are rooting for you!

After a long day outside, bring the sweet scents of your garden back inside. Our strawberry and lily fragrance smells like the very best of an English garden.