5 cute yet practical counter top compost bins

If you are anything like us the idea of having a bin on your kitchen countertop isn’t appealing. No fear, we found 5 compost bins that not only help you help the planet but will look CUTE in your kitchen!

First things first, time for some science (as we all love a study). We talk about reducing plastic waste ALOT, after all, plastic waste pretty much lasts forever. Food waste often isn’t discussed as much, as it decomposes much faster. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. 40% of all food produced worldwide goes to waste, that’s 2.5 billion tonnes, with the majority of it ending up in landfill. Once in a landfill, it becomes a source of methane – one of the most toxic greenhouse gasses. Meaning that the UK releases 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year from food waste alone! UK households are the biggest culprit, throwing away 6.6 million tonnes of food which is 70% of all UK food waste. Composting is a great solution for this – turning wasted food into something valuable. In fact, farmers call compost, “black gold”. Composting at home is a small but valuable way to make a difference.

Now we have persuaded you that it’s a good idea, back to the bins. If you are going to add another thing to your crowded counter tops it better look lovely. These tiny, practical yet stylish compost bins make choosing the green choice accessible and enjoyable…you will WANT to compost. Find a counter top compost bin for whatever your home aesthetic is below.

5 cute yet practical counter top compost bins

1. For the cottage core home

These beautiful glazed terracotta/ceramic compost bins are the perfect addition to your cottage kitchen of dreams. At a glance you wouldn’t even realise it’s a compost bin. This Esty shop has so many beautiful colours and designs to pick from so whatever your colour scheme there is a choice for you. Not only are they gorgeous but they are made in the UK so purchasing them means supporting local businesses and lower carbon footprint than some of our other options. Who knew decomposing food could look so cute?

2. For the cute and cosy home

This Kilner compost bin is tiny, only 20cm in size meaning it will fit on any worktop. The stainless steel design is timeless and durable making this is a product you can own and use for life. The handle is a helpful touch making it easy to transport to the garden or bins. This design allows for two filters to be in place at once eliminating any chance of smell. Plus this compost bin comes with the filters so you can start composting immediately!

3.For the no clutter household

This bin, like all Joseph Joseph products is product design perfection. It has an adjustable air vent so you can control odour and acts as an insect barrier. Easy to clean and has a wide lid meaning it’s easy to scrap food into without making a mess. For those of you who love a minimal clutter free kitchen this was designed to go in a cupboard under the sink, where it can be out of sight.

4.For the practical home

OXO’s iconic Good Grips line is known for it’s ergonomic arthritis friendly designs, most famously, the peeler. But did you know they produced a compost bin? With smooth rounded corners, the ability to open it using one hand and the easy to carry wide handle means this compost bin is both accessible and practical.

5. For the retro household

This compost bin is incredibly practical yet isn’t an eye saw on your kitchen counter, a win win! With a slightly retro design it will look good in any kitchen. The outer bucket and lid are metal with a removal plastic inner bucket, making it easy to clean and empty. It’s cheap and cheerful but does the job and does it well. Charcoal filters mean it won’t smell and should keep away any fruit flies. What more could you want?

Composting Top Tips:

  1. Avoid composting meat, dairy, fish and cooked food in general. It will smell awful and attract flies and bugs.
  2. Shred or chop your waste into small bits – this will help your compost to decompose faster and more evenly.
  3. Things you should definitely compost are: Fruit and veg scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags (check they are compostable ones), saw dust, wine corks (cut them up to help them decompose faster), nut shells and much more.
  4. Make sure to get a charcoal filter, these stop any nasty smells filling your kitchen and keep flies away.
  5. Using compostable bags like these makes the process less messy.
  6. Your Iron & Velvet cardboard boxes and labels can be popped into your compost!