20 activities to do in the month of June

We are nearly 6 months into the year, how did that happen? Gemini season is upon us. The nights are light, the sun is shining and summer is really beginning to feel like it’s here. If you are anything like us, June has nearly arrived and you still haven’t started your new years resolutions. We know life can be busy and it might feel like the year is slipping through your fingers. This is your official reminder to find moments to live in the present, connect, unwind and enjoy the start of the summer. Here are 20 ways to spend the month of June and as always they are sustainable, cheap and fun!

  1. For the brave ones among us find your local wild swimming area and go for a morning or evening dip.
  2. Support your local town and find a refill shop.
  3. Go foraging – our faves to forage this month are: elderflower, wild garlic and wild strawberries
  4. Make elderflower cordial with the elderflowers you foraged – YouTube it, it’s not as hard as you think.
  5. Go for a picnic dinner after work, this is a easy and cheap way to make your post work evenings slightly more exciting.
  6. Treat yourself to that slightly more expensive bottle of wine from your local vineyard.
  7. Climb your nearest hill to watch the sunset.
  8. Treat yourself to a wonky veg and fruit box.
  9. Have a ‘picky bits’ dinner using leftovers. Not only is this yummy and easy but helps reduce food waste.
  10. Go camping, even if its just in your garden. It’s now warm enough now.
  11. Crack out a dusty board game from your shelf and get your competitive side out.
  12. Find your dusty walking boots and go for a hike. Use this hike finder if you are stuck for where to explore.
  13. Fix and mend some of your favourite summer clothes that are looking worse for wear.
  14. Bake some vegan goods, we love the Deliciously Ella website for inspiration and recipes.
  15. Stetch your body with a Yoga class via YouTube – even a 10 minute one will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. We love this YouTube channel. 
  16. Write a letter to the friends and family you don’t see as often as you’d like.
  17. Find your local lido, use this website and set the filter to Lido to find your nearest outdoor swim.
  18. Sunbathe and read the book you have been meaning to read in the park.
  19. Host a BBQ, even if you don’t own a BBQ you can still serve delicous BBQ food from your oven.
  20. Clean your space and make it homely using plastic free cleaning products.