Our Fave Eco Hacks this Plastic Free July

As Plastic Free July is drawing to an end we are reflecting on all the amazing people, accounts and ideas we’ve seen this year. We love that people are using their platforms to share ideas on how to make small, easy and sustainable swaps for our planet.

Here are our favourite eco hacks we’ve seen on social media this month:

Everybody is so creative

  1. If you are feeling creative here is a hack for you, DIY your own reusable mop head from waste fabric!

How To Make A Swiffer Pad Mop Head from fleece and jersey scraps. A super absorbent reusable mop head that is great for dusting too! Just wash when it gets dirty! #swifferpad #reusableswiffer #swifferhack #swifferhacks #sustainablecleaning #ecocleaner #ecocleaning

♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

2. Safe way to save/help bees and wasps. Whilst we don’t want them in our space, we don’t want to kill them either!

3. This is the kind of thing our grannies have been doing for years and we are now doing it and calling it a hack.

4. Read the caption on this one, so informative!

In our local Morrison’s they have made it even easier by adding a single banana box.

5. Creative ways to reduce your food packaging – our personal fave is the ribbon holder


Instead of throwing away your produce containers try one of these methods or comment below if you have other ways to reuse your produce containers! 🍓🥑♻️ #upcycling #sustainability #ecofriendly #living #lifehack #kitchen #zerowaste #ecohome #produce #container #HavaianasLivreDeCliches


6. We couldn’t make this post without adding our products in, switch to refill cleaning products today! Stop using lemon and bicarb and start using our limescale remover. It’s easy and it works! See our limescale cleaner in action here!