Travelling Light?

Summer is well and truly here. We know, that you know, that flying isn’t the best option. But we also know that realistically flying is something we might all have to do on occasion.

Travelling can be stressful and being eco isn’t always the easiest option. Here are our top tips to make those short-haul flights slightly more eco-friendly.

Being eco whilst using carry-on luggage…

  1. Why is anything in miniature size extra cute? Muji has a large collection of empty travel bottles under the 100ml limit. Use these to refill liquids from your current larger bottles of product at home. You can then reuse these containers every time you need travel size products while flying or not. Also, we don’t know about you, but using mini products make anywhere feel like a fancy hotel? Camping, hostels, even visiting family feels boujee when using mini’s.
  2. Check to see if your favourite brands have mini versions of the products you already use. Wild deodorant released mini versions of their deodorants. 100% plastic-free and 110% convenient.
  3. Purchase non liquid products. Solid products are great for two reasons. Firstly they use much less packaging, often plastic free. Secondly they allow your limited liquid space to be used for other products. Our favourite place to shop for soaps + shampoo bars is obviously Lush.
  4. A holiday essential on everybody’s packing list is sun cream. But have you made sure your sun cream is reef safe? Read here so you know which sun creams are safe for our oceans.
  5. Bring food from home. Whilst liquids aren’t allowed through security, snacks very much are. Save pennies and plastic by packing grub before hand instead of purchasing lots of plastic covered snacks.