What we have been doing to reduce plastic this summer

August 24, 2020

As a team at Iron & Velvet we are always trying to reduce plastic in our everyday routines. Here are some easy changes we made this summer to live more sustainably.

What plastic free swaps have you made recently ?

Veg Box

When supermarkets became less accessible and more unsafe during lockdown, we switched to purchasing Veg boxes from local farms instead. Not only does the produce come plastic free in an aesthetic wooden box but it’s delivered straight to your door, mostly organic and supports local businesses.

Chewing Gum

I’m afraid I am about to break some hearts. Chewing Gum contains polymers and take hundreds of years to break down. Yes you read that correctly every piece of chewing gum we have ever chewed is still on this planet and will be long after we leave. Safe to say since learning this we swapped to soft mints.

Beach Cleans

As more of us will be holidaying in the UK as opposed to abroad, our beautiful coastal locations are in danger of being left worse than we found them. The amount of litter left on beaches is heart-breaking. This year we have taken part in a few organised beaches cleans. However, it would be just as easy to do it independently. Grab some gloves and a biodegradble bag to get cleaning.

Make Up Remover

Potentially the easiest change we made is to swap out single use make up remover pads to a reusable one. There are so many options on the market. I purchased this microfibre face cloth made from recyclable materials. It removes your makeup with just water so easy to use anywhere. Retailing at £5 it works out much cheaper than the single use.

Plastic Free Cleaning

Of course we couldn’t make this list and not include cleaning products. Seeing as you are reading this you may as well check out our 100% plastic free cleaners – we can’t help but hype up our products as we use them every day.

The society we live in makes zero-waste living pretty much impossible. There are many times we have felt discouraged, but we cannot entertain these feelings.