What’s your cleaning personality?

Everyone cleans their homes a different way. There’s no right way to clean and tidy your home. But it’s still fun to analyse each other’s routines. Read on to find out your cleaning personality.

The Little & Often Cleaner

Also known as the 10 minute tidier. This person doesn’t have time on their side and cleans in short, sharp bursts. Being short on time doesn’t mean they aren’t tough on dirt and mess. For this cleaner we recommend:

Our Starter Pack. Save time by ordering one purchase that fulfills all your cleaning needs. Top tip: Keep your cleaning products where you actually use them. No wasting time hunting for the correct product under the kitchen sink.

The Procrastinator

For this person, cleaning can always be tomorrow’s problem. Leaving jobs to the very last minute is a way to get them done. There’s no motivation to tidy like guests arriving in 30 seconds.

For the procrastinator, we recommend our Multisurface Cleaner. One product for everything. Yes, you heard that right, one product that can clean every and any surface in your house.

The Organiser

This personality LOVES cleaning. Not only do they take pride in the results of a clean home but they enjoy the process. Nothing pleases them more than scheduling a few hours of deep cleaning. If this sounds like you we recommend our Shower Cleaner. It’s a must-have for a perfectionist cleaner. ✅ No more streaks & watermarks ✅ Choose your own scent ✅ Good for the planet.

Which cleaning personality are you? Let us know in the comments or on our socials.

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